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IAC Magister Profiles & Descriptions

First Seafires arrived to Baldonnel in February 1947. They were finished in Grey-green overall, with black serial numbers on fuselage and under each wing. Under wing stripes are 19.5'' wide, two colour boss on upper surfaces, with orange always outside. Logo of No.1 Fighter Squadron painted under exhaust stacks.

No.150 is another I.A.C. Seafire in typical Grey-green scheme. This time propeller cone is painted in light colour - White or Sky (?) and fin flash is missing. It looks like all of Irish Seafires had camera windows on both fuselage sides and No.1 Fighter Squadron badge painted on their noses. This badge and fin flash were latter removed on some of the aircrafts.

No. 153 had its fin flash removed latter in the career. Propeller cone appears to have much darker colour, than usual red. It could be dark red, dark grey or black (?). Of note is that despite the common opinion on de-navalisation of Irish Seafires, this machine retained rear catapult spools until the end of its service.