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Irish Air Corps TR. 9 Spitfires

No.159, Ex. RAF MJ772, delivered in 1951, as was the rest of Ireland's Tr.9's, in its early scheme of gray-green (interior green?) overall with two-colour boss on fuselage and upper wing surfaces and tricolours on the lower. Tricolour has orange always on the outside, black numbers on fuselage and below each wing. Black walkways on the wing roots are not yet applied. Of note is long smoke stain behind exhausts.

No.159 today. This plane was converted back to its original single seat fighter configuration, but some of the features of double-seater trainer remains. Such as wire aerial, moved top fuselage position light and lack of 20mm cannons in the wing. This example was repainted in its original No. 341 (GC/III/2 'Alsace') Squadron (Free French) colours and it can be seen in Seattle, USA.

ML407, served with six different Squadrons of the RAF's 2nd Tactical Air Force. It was delivered to 485 New Zealand Squadron on the 29th of April1944. When flown by F/O John Houlton DFC, shot down a Bf109 over Normandy on the 8th June of 1944. In December of 1944, was transferred to 341(Free French) Squadron, then moved on through 308 (Polish) Squadron, 349 (Belgian) Squadron, 345 (Free French) Squadron, 332 (Norwegian) Squadron and back to 485 (New Zealand) Squadron. Latter ML407 became I.A.C. No.162

No.162, ex. RAF ML407, this time in latter colour scheme of I.A.C. Spitfires of silver-aluminum dope overall. Black walkways and black anti glare area in front of student's cockpit, Three-colour boss in six positions and black serials on fuselage and under starboard wing only. Currently, No.162 flies in the U.K., in ownership of Carolyn Grace.

Some of I.A.C. Spitfires never wore other colour scheme, than gray-green overall. As represented by No.163 from March of 1968. This airplane was as well the only ex.RAF Spitfire, which did not see any action during WWII. After its departure to U.K. as G-ABGW, where was used during making of "The Battle of Britain" , now, repainted as TE308 RJoM, flies in Aspen, Colorado, USA.